The 10 Best Kitchen Trash Cans of 2021

the 10 best kitchen trash cans of 2021

The 10 Best Kitchen Trash Cans of 2021

From round to rectangle, step pedal to swing top, we've rounded up the best kitchen trash cans for tossing your scraps and garbage.

From round to rectangle, step pedal to swing top, we've rounded up the best receptacles for tossing your trash.
the 11 best can openers for 2021

The 11 Best Can Openers for 2021

May 2, 2021 ... The 11 Best-Rated Can Openers, According to Thousands of Reviews ... Roslë Stainless Steel Can Opener With Pliers Grip ... You can then take the can opener to the trash, and press a level to expel the can from the ...

From electric to manual, these can openers all stand out for their ability to quickly, easily, and safely open canned goods.
this compact compost bin is perfect for small spaces

This Compact Compost Bin Is Perfect for Small Spaces

Sep 5, 2020 ... These days, it feels more important than ever to minimize food waste, return nutrients to the ... My good-for-the-earth habit needed to become more convenient to me. Enter the KaryHome Kitchen Compost Bin, $18 at Amazon.

Whether you are new to composting or an old hand at keeping food scraps out of the landfill, this $17 bin can make it easier to do the better-for-the-planet thing.
12 kitchen tools that are made to save you money

12 Kitchen Tools That Are Made to Save You Money

Apr 21, 2021 ... Replace single-use items in your kitchen with these wallet-friendly finds ... Zip Top Teal Reusable Silicone Containers ... And sure, as an added bonus, it'll be great for the Earth, too, cutting down on trash in the garbage cans, ...

Buy now, save for years to come.
the best dry food storage containers to buy in 2021

The Best Dry Food Storage Containers to Buy in 2021

Mar 2, 2021 ... Shop our list of the best dry food storage containers for everything from flour to cereal to spices and more. ... Freyian Canister Sets For Kitchen Counter ... longer, be fresher, and return the investment to you in less food waste.

The best picks whether you bulk buy or just need fresh flour.
this hamper is a tidier way to manage recycling

This Hamper Is a Tidier Way to Manage Recycling

Sep 9, 2020 ... Unfortunately, most lidded trash cans don't accommodate one paper bag liner, let alone ... enough to keep near the trash can at the end of our kitchen island. ... out of sight—while keeping the opportunity to recycle top of mind.

An off-label use of a lightweight clothes hamper lets you love the planet without unsightly bins, overflowing bags, or extra trips to the curb.
the 10 best candy thermometers of 2021

The 10 Best Candy Thermometers of 2021

Apr 26, 2021 ... Find the 10 best candy, jelly, and deep-frying thermometers from brands like Taylor, ... will be ruined, and a great deal of ingredients will go in the trash. ... and you can with this stainless steel 9 1/2-inch probe thermometer with ...

A must-have tool for any candy maker.
keep picnic food bug free with these adorable food covers

Keep Picnic Food Bug-Free With These Adorable Food Covers

Jul 7, 2021 ... Not to mention, food covers like aluminum foil and plastic wrap can easily be blown away or torn, littering the planet and filling trash cans. ... In fact, when not in use on the picnic table, it's great for sheltering fruit and ... If you don't have kitchen space to store large outdoor food domes or tents, take a peek at ...

Swap recipes. Don't swat bugs.
the best coffee makers and espresso machines

The Best Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines

Feb 18, 2021 ... Choose from the best cold brew pitchers, basic drip coffee machines, ... No matter your taste, budget, or kitchen size, there's something that'll fit the bill for everyone. ... If you simply can't wait for it to finish dripping, the Grab-A-Cup auto ... The reusable filter means no excess waste, and the heat-resistant ...

Wake up happy with these powerful, caffeinated devices.
the kitchen garden

The Kitchen Garden

Apr 5, 2021 ... Kitchen gardening — that is, cultivating the vegetables, herbs, and fruits that go ... The 9 Best Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors ... Waste not!

Take your love of food to the next level by growing your own. Our first ever Allrecipes gardening guide gives you tips and advice to get you started — from growing herbs indoors to cultivating container gardens on your patio and raised beds in your backyard.